Apr. 30th, 2008

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So my eye is much less blurry. I stayed home this afternoon, napped a lot, and generally feel better. I'm going to need to get a patch for the bad eye, as it's going to get very painful trying to see out of both of them, it's such a different view of the world.

Had my check up this morning, and I am healing perfectly. Eye pressure is fine, the incisions are healing over, and I am starting to be used as a training case due to the problems with the first op. I just can't do anything simply, can I? Eye doc is v pleased with me, hurrah. I was explaining to him that, when I look through my left eye, everything is bigger. It's odd, as my vision has always been the same with both my glasses and my lenses, it was always just a matter of convenience and style choosing between them. Oh, and pain, because I could only wear my lenses for short amounts of time before the red hot coals in my eyes feeling started. So obviously this larger and closer thing that I'm seeing is odd, I actually jumped when Sasha was sitting on the sofa with me earlier and I was testing out the new eye, as she suddenly seemed to be sitting so much closer to me.

According to Eye Doc, this is how normal eyes see all the time. Freaky. It's really going to take some getting used to, especially when both are done, so if I react in odd ways to seeing people, it's not you. I just haven't really seen any of you properly before, and you will all be closer up than expected, familiar but different. I apologise in advance if this seems freaky, just bear with me whilst I get used to how the world actually looks, I have a lot of new and wonderful things to discover. Things seem brighter too, colours richer, things more defined. This is awesome. How can you bitch about a world this full of colour and light and things to look at?

I am going to be like this for a while. Possibly for good. You have been warned.

My prescription in my left eye is now as close to 0 as it gets. On Monday morning, it was -14.5. 20 minutes of fear and discomfort and all those things, and oh my god, this is just amazing. Words have not been invented to describe how utterly, utterly wonderful this is.

13th May cannot come fast enough.


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