Jul. 3rd, 2008

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I love Kylie. She's a delight, and whether or not I like her music (which, to be fair, I often do, because I love silly pop music and always have), I think she's ace. A lot of that is for the things she does.

Today, Brave Kylie has been given her OBE by our Charlie Boy. Now most people, when going to Buck House to get the shiny gong thing handed to you by a top royal, will dress up, all sensible and behatted. Style choices are not always good, but they are classic and formal and safe.
Not Kylie. Oh no. She wore this.

With gold sandals.
I love her.

Also, she prevents suicide, and may be the way to world peace. There was a story in the paper this morning, one of the Parliament Square peace protesters is on trial because he was found, outside Downing Street, with a knife. This knife was for killing himself with, "Samurai style", as he put it. He had just slipped the knife through his jacket and was about to plunge it into his chest, when "On a night like this" by the lovely Kylie came on his i-pod. It stopped him in his tracks, because (and I quote) "Thinking about it, the song was my downfall," he said. "How can anyone be violent when they love Kylie's music? It's not possible."

If she starts telling us to be excellent to each other, I may die of laughing, happy joy.


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