Jul. 22nd, 2008

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Help a girl with little to do out, guys.

I am in the mood for reading about haunted places and buildings and ghosts, and you'd think that it would be simple to find a decent website to satisfy this, wouldn't you?

No. So far, I've found one where they've decided that the ghost should tell the story, in ridiculously over-romantic detail (which is funny, considering that several of the ones on there have several possible stories behind the hauntings. Multiple choice stories needed, chooose your own adventure style.), and another which seemed fine, right up until I realised it had been written by 14 year old fanfic writers. "(X, where X=man who lived in the reign of Edward I, so between 1239 and 1307, this is important to remember.) had a girlfriend (Y), and one night they were having sex on the rack when (X) started to strangle (Y) to heighten her sexual pleasure, unfortunately he took it too far and killed her." I have no doubt whatsoever that the rather self-important and unpleasant (X) did indeed kill his mistress, the poor unfortunate (Y). I'm dubious about the erotic asphyxiation on a rack thing.
Not the kind of detail you're likely to find in a monk's chronicle, for all that they were a bit fond of the gory and salacious detail.

SO. Anyone know any good websites that aren't anything like the two above, yet aren't really bloody dull?

You might see this twice. Sorry about that.


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