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2008-09-21 06:03 pm

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I am making apple crumble.

It smells of yum. I should cook more often.
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2008-09-16 11:58 am


How do you kill a cartoon mouse?

(I admit, I find it hard to argue with the idea of killing Mickey "most annoying cartoon ever" sodding Mouse)

(Also, a bit more WHAT related stuff for your Tuesday. His conviction doesn't shock me, his defence is hysterical WHAT factor, the whole case is dodgy as fuck.)
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2008-08-26 11:24 am

Oh dear god

BBC News 24 has an "Olympic countdown" thing.

It's currently standing at 1431:08:35:05.
This is just silly.
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2008-08-21 07:06 pm


So, remember when I mentioned the BBC news clip with the dead 'ard yoof gang members solving the gang problem for us by shoving cleavers down the front of their tracksuit bottoms? This was just as funny.

Tonight, on "Teenagers not actually as tough and scary as they like to think they are"...

The scene: An estate in Battersea, early evening. Our heroine is walking from the train station to her flat. Ahead of her are a group of 4 youths, one on a bicycle. They are dressed "street", one sports a baseball cap from which the tag still dangles, in an attempt to make him look harder because hey, he must have stolen it. Truthfully, our heroine knows he either asked the person in the shop to leave it on, or bought it from somewhere that sells hats with tags attached as a design feature. Regardless, she decides to slow down and follow them as they walk along, rather than trying to pass. They are taking up much of the pavement, the road is often full of unexpected mopeds (our heroine doesn't like mopeds), and squeezing past seems likely to cause some minor "see me, I'm hard me, I'm brave enough to make comments about people walking past me" issues. She's seen them do this to other passers-by, and they've already noted her presence. But it's maybe 100 yards to the door of the flats.

They slow down. Their conversation gets louder and more "see us, we're dangerous, don't mess with us" as the group gets closer to the flats and the courtyard.

Suddenly, the door to the block bursts open, and a man comes out carrying rubbish to the bins. The youths start to give him the "look", only to stop mid glance as they recoil in horror as what may be the least threatening dog in the world EVER comes out of the flats, stops, looks at its owner (the guy with the rubbish) and then bounds towards the youths, big dappy dog grin, looking like a bouncing ball of fur and as scary as a newborn kitten. It neither leaps up at them nor barks.

The youths squeal and run. The dog looks confused and runs to its owner, bouncing and happy.

Our heroine staggers into her block of flats, where she has to lean against the wall for a minute, as she is laughing too hard to breathe properly.


I'm still giggling over this. I may not stop for a while.
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2008-08-10 03:34 pm

I scare myself

Sodding [ profile] vilenspotens...

Put them together and what have you got?

Bibbety Bobbety Boo My internal soundtrack, you bastard. :-)
What I really need is someone skilled enough to mash these two up, so the full bizzare, disturbing yet awesome sound that's running through my brain can be shared with the world.
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2008-08-10 01:27 pm

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I was on the bus yesterday, heading to Greenwich. The bus goes down Jamaica Road, past the estate there (which may be called the Jamaica Road estate, I have no idea), and there's a row of little shops. Newsagents, Londis, that kind of thing, and a hairdresser.

Now this is right by where my sister lives, so I've taken this bus ride a lot. I did live there for a few months, and I always get distracted by the world on the other side of the window when on the bus, so I've seen this particular row of shops a lot. Yesterday, I noticed something different, and after a second I realised that the name of the hairdressers had changed. And why, you may be asking, is Maddie putting this in her LJ?

Because the name has been changed to Spendloads Please.

Must get pictures next time.
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2008-08-07 09:45 pm

(no subject)

[ profile] sassette726, you have more time to repent, which I'm sure is handy. Switch on has been put back until 10th September.

Option B will just have to wait. Damnit.

Ah! Thank you, [ profile] clawbug.

"The initial particle beams are due for injection in August 2008, the first attempt to circulate beam through the entire LHC is scheduled for September 10, and the first high-energy collisions are planned to take place after the LHC is officially unveiled, on October 21, 2008."

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2008-08-06 12:03 pm

The antimatter is behind the sofa.

Some of you may not have seen this, but you should. It may even make those worried feel better.

Not because it clears up any of the questions, but because it's so insanely funny.

CERN Rap from Will Barras on Vimeo.

I am v amused that the only person (bar me and Nic) to choose Option B in my poll was [ profile] calseris. Amused but not surprised.

But I don't think foam can plug a black hole.
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2008-08-05 01:59 pm

And I feel fine

Option A: We all die. Get drunk on Thursday night. ([ profile] sassette726, stop fretting)

Option B: We get sucked into a black hole and emerge in a parallel universe that looks just like this one. Of course, this could have happened when they switched it on to test it at the start of June JULY I AM AN IDIOT. Possibly end of June.

Option C: Erm...nothing? Life continues as ever, science geeks get very excitable.

Which do you think it will be? Place your bets...

[Poll #1235499]

My own personal Something Else involves anarchy caused by people thinking we're all dead, and the Borg and Clone army taking over. BE READY.

Edit: Oh GOD. I have just realised that if Option A is right, then my Earth Advisory Board status marker should turn to red but there may not be time! This would be unfair.

Son of Edit: Option B is VERY UPSET.
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2008-07-31 03:59 pm

(no subject)

A guy at work has just found a website advertising "Foreskins for sale".


I'll be over here. Pretending I didn't just see that.
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2008-07-30 09:22 am

I love London. Have I mentioned my love for London recently?

Ì also work in the wrong bit of it.

From the police community news type thing:


Climate Demonstrators 30.07.08

Climate Caravan demonstrators planned action for 30th July 08.
Demonstrators are believed to be planning to meet at London Bridge at 11am
crossing in to the City on foot and on pedal cycles. The caravan will
include a number of people dressed as penguins. Once in the City, the
caravan is likely to park up and for a couple of hours with demonstrators
dressed as penguins visiting a number of firms in Central London (not just
the City) whose business is seen by the environmental movement as
adversely affecting the climate, such as banks and oil companies as well
as embassies of countries whose activities are seen to be detrimental to
the climate. Their activities are also likely to include some street
theatre, music and exhibitions. At approximately 3.30pm, they intend to
carry out a guided tour of the City. The activities overall are not
believed to be likely to result in any disorder and the focus is on
creating a carnival-type atmosphere. The possibility of individuals
carrying out some more radical action cannot, however, be discounted.
There is a policing operation in place around this event and the most that
is expected is minor acts of civil disobedience. The main thrust of the
action is one of theatre and carnival.

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2008-07-28 10:32 pm

(no subject)

It's raining.

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2008-07-25 11:49 pm

(no subject)

I love Dancing Trooper.

Also, I need to win the lottery, because I have recently developed an urge to go visit the US. There are people I want to hang out with. I've never been that fussed about going there before.

Why do you all have to live in different bits, you bastards?

Also also, I'm a bit drunk.
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2008-07-22 12:57 pm

Things that go bump in the night.

Help a girl with little to do out, guys.

I am in the mood for reading about haunted places and buildings and ghosts, and you'd think that it would be simple to find a decent website to satisfy this, wouldn't you?

No. So far, I've found one where they've decided that the ghost should tell the story, in ridiculously over-romantic detail (which is funny, considering that several of the ones on there have several possible stories behind the hauntings. Multiple choice stories needed, chooose your own adventure style.), and another which seemed fine, right up until I realised it had been written by 14 year old fanfic writers. "(X, where X=man who lived in the reign of Edward I, so between 1239 and 1307, this is important to remember.) had a girlfriend (Y), and one night they were having sex on the rack when (X) started to strangle (Y) to heighten her sexual pleasure, unfortunately he took it too far and killed her." I have no doubt whatsoever that the rather self-important and unpleasant (X) did indeed kill his mistress, the poor unfortunate (Y). I'm dubious about the erotic asphyxiation on a rack thing.
Not the kind of detail you're likely to find in a monk's chronicle, for all that they were a bit fond of the gory and salacious detail.

SO. Anyone know any good websites that aren't anything like the two above, yet aren't really bloody dull?

You might see this twice. Sorry about that.
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2008-07-17 03:23 pm

(no subject)

[ profile] ebq, my drinks arrived! :-)
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2008-07-12 12:54 pm

(no subject)

My spies can confirm that there is no queue at Masala Zone in Camden (Review)..