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Today, oh best beloved, was a very long day. Work is still shiny, but other departments were being stupid and irritating, customers were sucky, I was in vast amounts of pain and therefore inclined to cranky, and I have a cold sore the size of a small moon, which also hurts. It makes me look like I'm pouting. Having escaped from the tube I felt that a short walk up to the bus stop by Southwark Bridge was in order, air and walking usually make me feel better.
But my lovely city had better things in store for me. As I turned the corner by the Novas gallery to go to the bus stop, I saw this.

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Blessed city. :-)
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This is shaping up to be a lovely weekend. Impromptu gathering of girls last night, with [ profile] faerierhona and [ profile] ditzy_pole, and a late attendee in the form of a very drunk [ profile] medusa_nw. There was wine, food, talk, giggling, photos, shoes...the things that should be expected from such a gathering of fabulous creatures.
Went to the new Italian Bistro thing across the road for breakfast. It's not got as good a menu as the former incarnation (Dave's Diner), but is v nice, freshly made and prepared stuff, lovely staff. And they sell Limoncello and peach nectar. Num. And Italian ice cream. Om nom nom.

I was planning to go out and buy new PS2 shiny things. This involved one shop, in Victoria (closest place), and that was all I was going to do. Which is, of course, why I ended up in Covent Garden and Oxford Street, and have come home with a top (which scares me. It's mostly white, and looks good on me. This is unheard of.), 2 books, the game, a DVD, cinder toffee and a 5CD compilation of 80's goodness, which is now filling my flat with lovely noise. Imagine what happens when I go out to buy more than one thing.
Camden tomorrow, for more giggling with Madame La Ditz.

And in just over 2 months, PARIS! *glee*
It's a frickin' lovely life, isn't it?
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Well, that was a fab day of much coffee and gossip and mild bitching and giggling like idiots and wandering round shops and falling in love with several skirts and buying one and then more coffee. It was much in the way of funky, and there was wonderful company.

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Back to work tomorrow. Well, back to sitting in the office internet slacking and taking long lunch breaks, as, barring emergencies, there will be bugger all work to do. I shall be making the most of it, as next year is going to be The Year From Hell in our little work world.


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